Saturday, 28 July 2012

Steelpans at Bradford Industrial Museum

I tried to tell them last year that it was pointless under 7 years old, and then I gave in. Of the hundred or so that passed through there was only about 7 who were over 7! Luke, their Education Officer booked me again, saying how successful I had been last year. A sucker for flattery or a good quote,  and being one day off a full week's work, of course I agreed to do it again. Luckily for me, and for the children of Bradford, Sophie is training to become a primary school teacher next year. She had confessed to needing things to do; I opined that Bradford Industrial Museum might a useful bit of work experience. So here we are on July 26th 2012, Twelve Bar Blues, Merrily we Roll Along, Largo in F and even in G.

IT started slowly, then it never stopped. We didn't get past a few good chord sequences, but we kept it all to 15 and 20 minute slots, persuaded as many parents and carers as we good to join in. Luke kept us going with cups of tea thick and fast. The poster above my head says: Terrible Times for Children. Honestly it refered to when it was a working mill!

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