Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Quarter of a Century Chez Nous

Well Debs,  I used to be able to compartmentalise my life a bit better.  Used to be able to nurse a hangover all the way through a Sunday.  And know that that meant I had had a good Saturday night. How many times did you and I talk rubbish into the early hours, elbows on table  occasionally dipping into green icing?  And it wasn't really rubbish.

Well suddenly I realise that we moved into our house exactly a quarter of century ago, and that needs celebrating. I found a some Foxwood and few other friends, nipped down to Ossett  to collect the new Sparrows t shirts, as you do when you have a house to tidy, bought some boxes of the best samosas, pekoras and paneer spring rolls c/o the Vegetarian Sweet Shop Harehills.

Anyway by 3pm Tim and I had covered the universe and all that, and I felt that I had done justice to the occasion. And at one point, earlier on, Debs we were outnumbered by Smalls. Nightmare. Here's some pics, before and after [and you will notice on the right that it is the Usual Suspects]:

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