Saturday, 21 July 2012

It's Tuesday. It's City Vibe

Natalie's at Greenhill and I'm at Allerton Grange earlier on. Carrie-ann has to set up on her own, and we get there just in time for the show's start, at which point I realise that Maryam and Nyla are expecting to do pan de neck and that the harnesses at at my house. Thankfully, I live half a mile from the school so someone at home is able to get them there in time. Thanks, Rick.

Anyway between the Yr 10 BTEC class, Natalie's Friday classes and the gorgeous Siblings [renamed Steel Six for the purposes of the talent show] we have three excellent steelbands in the show.  here's a couple of pics of the Fridays and of the Siblings [note that Nyla and Maryam are doing pan de neck]; the BTEC same as for last week - no decent new pictures.

Thus my last City of Leeds School City Vibe as regular staff.

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