Monday, 5 September 2016

Foxwood Steel at Hope Not Hate and East Steel at ForeverYoung

I said to Wanda, Was it a friend of yours that got this HopeNotHate event? Yes, Steph, she said, she sings in the choir.

I said to Wanda, So was it you that got us this ForeverYoung event?  Yes, Ruth, she said.

So, I said, you got two gigs at the same-ish time on the same day! We don't need help doing that. We can do that ourselves! Then Wanda and I rolled around with laughter as I fought off the incipient panic attacks along the York Road, taking one set of pans to York.

Here's Ian and me as I realise that we both use Shawcross teeshirts [though I am wearing a Pantontic tshirt here], and Wanda collecting a pan not exactly en route.

On the day, in Leeds we were me [Victoria], Gary, Amy, Charlotte, Daisy, Gig, George with guest Wanda. Which was all we could squeeze into the one gazebo as it was now pouring. Maya played a perfect tambourine, and Patrick let himself be held a lot [all he is good for at the moment], and where he did do some excited swimming type actions.

Good to see Cllr Sharon Hamilton there at this national day of remembrance for the Late MP Jo Cox.

Thanks to Ally for asking us, Steph and Wanda for being the links.

Now we pack away our rain-sodden gear and, as the others disappear back into cafes for coffee, or home for shelter, George, Wanda and I hit the A64 where Wanda also finds Emma.

The tent in Murton near York is a marquee and quite a grand and different affair, and quite a different acoustic, but the rain is still rain and we are inside. We are Bex, me [Victoria], Vicky, Sophie, Lynn, Emma, Wanda, Anne, Trish, with guests, George and Millie S.
Both gigs have been characterised by non-carnival songs [what a relief!]. And cakes from the HopeNotHate stall called CakeNotHate.

A few East Steeleers joined some sort of a conga, and we were treated to some amazing singing by this lady, pictured below.

Then it's back to Leeds, and the Grand Drying Out of the Pans, the Kits and The Gazebo and Sides. My favourite bit.

Okay, perhaps not.

[Who wants to be Forever Young, by the way? Think it should be called, Forever 39. But they have the hoodies now!]

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Foxwood Panyard playing Leeds Carnival Monday at Cafe Bliss Carnival Village

It is five years since Foxwood's services were no longer required at Leeds Carnival itself. In 2013 Rhiannon and I, and 2012 Sophie and I went down to march pan de neck - dressed as Greeks! -with Nostalgia at London Carnival.

Then Annette decided we should be back in Leeds, and with her untiring support, Foxwood Steel popped up at the side of Chapeltown Road in Savile Park which we did in a sunny 2013 and a rainy 2014. 

We thought we would get moved on but the Carnival-goers just took us for part of Carnival proper. Perhaps we should have kept the name, Foxwood Steel Bandits! Then in 2015 Hilary and George and Mexican rescued us, and put us on at Rhythms now Café Bliss Carnival Village.
Here's some shots of setting up.

And then again this year. Now we don't just use our own private steelband but we are able to plan, to practise and to take community band, East Steel, and some older Sparrows [well those not at work or at LeedsFest] as well as ourselves.

First on Bank Holiday Monday is Leeds Pan Central. We are me [Victoria], Bex, Vicky, Amy, Wanda, Charlotte, Joyce, Lynn, Anne, George, Sheeks, Chloe, Georgia G2, Sophie. Maddie.

Second and third sets today go to Carnival Foxwood and Sparrow. Now we are me [Victoria], Bex, Vicky, Gary, Gig, Georgia, Sophie, Amy, Charlotte, Wanda, Chloe, George, and, towards the end, a rare sighting of Claudia! [whose very mother it was who got us back into Leeds carnival]. Yay. Guest Jermaine on shaker. And a surprised Tamanna finds herself also playing along on one number [still in her motor memory]. [Still in our set!]

Perhaps the best moment was when the DJ [who was himself black] discussed aloud, at some length, and into the microphone, that steel pannistes could be black, they could be white [to quote Johnny. We felt so welcome after all these years. And just as well as there would only be Jermaine and Claudia today! And then Mexican asked the audience to applaud and they did, and they did, and they did. We hit the Red Stripes after that.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Three Foxwood Panyard Steelbands play Leeds Cafe Bliss Carnival Village Sunday

First up it is Leeds Pan Central - a combo today mostly of Foxwood Steel and East Steel. We are
me [Victoria], Vicky, Wanda, George, Lynn, Sophie, Sheeks, Ash, Emma, George,

This is Mexican's Cafe Bliss and Rhythms fifth Carnival Village, neatly nestled at the side of Chapeltown Road, just up from Savile Park where Foxwood Steel popped up in 2013 [sunny] and 2014 [rainy].

Before Hilary and George rescued us.

At 4pm East Steel played on their own.
Now we are me [Victoria], Vicky, Sophie, Lynn, Joyce, Anne, Maddie. Here's Ash arriving to drum for us.

Trying to keep the sets as different as possible, we massacre The Flood.  Moving on.

At six thirty three of us change shirts to be Foxwood Steel, and now we are me [Victoria], Vicky, Sophie, Gary, Here's Sophie actually changing vest!

Out of a potential eight Foxwood  drummers, we only have Sheeks, who is doing her best to get out of it. I contact John, Jermaine and Byron, am about to message Theo when Jermaine agrees, telling me he is not very good. He and Sheeks spend the set trying to get each other to drum. We have the odd disaster, but they are both great.

Foxwood is Gazza, me, Sheeks, Vicky, Sophie, Wanda, Jermaine, Chloe, Gig and Patrick, who wore his matching Red Stripe shirt. 

There was a sort of Battle of the Gazebos into Bags later, then I got a lift home with Sheeks. I don't know what everyone is complaining about, but I had had a few cans!