Wednesday, 5 July 2017

East Steel play New Wortley May 2017

Saturday 6 May finds East Steel setting up under someone else's gazebo. Nice change. We  were on the play area outside New Wortley Community Centre on Tong Road. This was thanks to Emma from Cherry Bee and was a lovely little local gig.

It was a bit nippy, so we kept our coats on. We were me, Bex, Vicky, Wanda, Anne, Emma, Lynn, Sophie with Natalie drumming [now that was a nice surprise!]. Didn't find the buns till after we had packed away, but I did find them and bought a lot. Mmmm.

This is a very short blog because it was a lovely gig with no exciting disasters, and also I am writing this two months later, and we have trod a lot of playgrounds since then.