By the time I get to the Bramley, I realise that the only people who can do bass are me and Vicky, and the only people who can do tunes are me and Vicky. Sarah says something about years ago this or that, but basically we are Fehmina, Sarah, Daisy, Sophie, Amy and Georgia II on chords, Tim on kit, and me on melody and Vicky on bass, Lola as guest on the Little Purple. Clocks was interesting, or rather not very!

Lola has her face painted. Sophie held the second copy of whichever song [Amy will have had the first!].

Between the sleep deprivation, the nausea and the pulled muscle I feel that 3 hours in Bramley was  good preparation for London carnival.  We got asked to play Polish Independence Day in November. I thought that would be a very nice thing. Organiser, Amanda was happy with how it went. Can't ask for more.

Later Tim and I fought over a hot desk top, Mac, iPad and iPod to get the London Carnival tunes onto either pad or pod. Reeling with exhaustion, some two hours later we only have Under the Sea on the little pod. I go to London to get a good night's rest in the LSE Rosebery.

I wished.