Monday, 23 July 2012

Foxwood Steel at Katie's Barbecue

Katie's back garden was the perfect stage. These old and ex-council houses in East End Park were from a time when a garden was a garden and you feed the whole street with the produce grown. Katie and house-mates are just growing decking and some plants in tubs which I just had to help un-waterlog.

You, Debs, were on a three gigs in one day roll. I was in a post-traumatic leaving school I absolutely loved teaching at day-after. And it was still early evening, and you know, when you're the one counting the stands, making sure the soprano pans go in their cases the right way up and trying to keep the tunes in their alphabetical order, well, you can't relax.   Debs, I am not complaining. I love being a band leader, and accept the restrictions that go with it.   We were you, me, Bex, Katie, Natalie, Lizzie and Vicky.

After we played there some hoo-hah with the fence. Hmm.

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