Thursday, 5 July 2012

Steel Siblings at Rosesbank 2 July 2012

Well Debs, I was beginning to lose heart. The last two City of Leeds School's GCSE/BTEC classes yielded a very small crop of pannists. I pursued Kurt, Ali and Beverley all the way to the Festival of Britain. The following Year 11 is represented only by Jenner. Year 10 only has Nina and Maisie, and they only came in Year Ten.
But hey, enter stage right, every single practice that I offer, the glorious Year Sevens: Maryam, Rukhsar, Samira, Raheem and Rayshan. And when I ask them if they'd like to play one of their old primary schools when it's a training day at City, and even Maryam's birthday . . . .

They named themslves the Siblings because nearly all of them have a brother or sister who used to play. In fact, older sister, Nyla came with us. [And back in the day, Samira's sister, Ayesha used to hang out with our Georgia]. Not saying they're good, but all but one played unfamiliar pans, and they rocked when they played! [Also with us, Tim on work experience]

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