Sunday, 1 July 2012

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows, East Steel, Foxwood Steel play the Thackray

So Debs, when the Thackray asked if anyone would like to celebrate the Olympic Flame going through Harehills, I thought:

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows [Emily, Amy, Ciara, Ashley, Peter, Chloe, Millie S, Millie C, Dominic, Isabelle, Naomi, Nina, Maisie plus me n Nat, and guest, Martha]

East Steel [Lynn, Anne, Joyce, Ruth, Karen, Cheryl, Trish, Peter, Wendy, Jeanette, Katie, me n Bex n Tim]
Foxwood Steel [Daisy, Georgia, Natalie, Amy, Tim, Natalie, Vicky, Katie, Bex, Victoria]. I was a disappointed when Evie stood up to play tambourine as that removed a third our audience! The Foxcubs did laps of the band.

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