Wednesday, 18 July 2012

If it's Sunday it must be Kirkstall

Now then Debs, home with the Huddersfield high; alas the adrenalin is waning, and we must be good for Kirkstall. The weather holds. We play in the cloisters; this is an after-festival party for all the workers from the day before. We all get tea and buns.

Some non-drivers go for the punch. Michael aged 2, is seen eating the orange out of the punch. Oh no. Does Bex know?

After the crush of the 18ft float, the cloisters are the widest of open spaces. Stiill we squash up on the path where we play a set with a few quiet tunes in it. Lizzie even leaves for her shift before we play Dead or Alive and isn't bothered. Well, that's been a few years coming.

We were me, Bex, Sophie, Natalie, Daisy, Lizzie, Gig, Vicky, and guest,Ashley. Smalls were Lola, Michael, James.

Meet up with Rita, ex-headteacher of the epic Royal Park School, and also, with Kelly [singer, drummer, pannist], ex-Foxwood -player from the old school days. Tried to remind Kelly what a great player she was - she wasn't buying it.

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