Monday, 23 July 2012

Foxwood Steel, Steel Rising, East Steel, Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows, Leeds Silver Doves at Lawnswood YMCA

I would like to thank the YMCA for inviting us [at rather short notice] to this event. Otherwise I would have started on the sherry at 3 pm saying goodbye to City of Leeds School, and then not been ready for this wild combination of as many players from as many of my bands as happened.

 Players from all the Foxwood stable of bands fall into three categories:
1. specialise in one pan
2. can play all pans
3. can also play drum-kit [the minority]

And you can get always get some 1s, you can always get at least two 2s, but those bloomimg 3s . . .Well . . . .
We had three hours. No Natalie, Tim, Joe, Varshika, or even Alan, so no proper drummer. Even so, Bex and Ashley were marvellous while they were there - Bex having to go early and Ashley being asleep till I texted him back to reality! But was Ashley's surprise lie-in a blessing in disguise? OMG, It's Bruce, ex-colleague and drummer: Bruce, who agreed to sit in for an hour in this baking heat, learning all our tunes as he went along. [And Bruce, if you're reading this, contact me.]

Hour One was Foxwood, Steel Rising and Doves: me [Victoria], you [Debs], Bex, Lizzie, Gig, Daisy, Vicky, Karen, Ruth, Amy, Sophie

Hour Two was East Steel, Sparrows [but Jack and Naomi were both ill, Ashley still zzzzz], and: me, Bex [for a bit], Vicky, Lizzie, Karen, Ruth, Judy, Anne, Lynn, Amy, Gig, Sophie

Hour Three was same as Hour Two plus Ashley.

Obviously we played YMCA [which is on the Sparrows' second CD] ; not obviously it didn't rain. A good all round gig,  let's pack away and get off to East End Park . . .

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