Sunday, 8 July 2012

Foxwood Steel and Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows at Unity July 7

It's Unity Day - early this year. Weather starts fine, me and Bex leave events tent in car [parked by my house]; it starts to rain; Bex goes back to get said tent. The van is parked miles from the place we choose to set up in.

My guest, Chris and I trolley the big pans from the van to the performance area. Nina and Maisie come early to guard the equipment, as we take it from A to B and sometimes onto C.

Debs, I can't tell you how difficult it is to set up a set of pans inside a small open-sided muddy tent, especially as more and more players drift in, and we have to get another pan out of its case and rearrange who plays what.

So now it's Sparrows at 5pm  - me, Bex, Natalie, with Millie S, Nina, Maisie, Sophie, Jack, Evie, Jenner, Amy, Danielle and Joe, guests: Stella, Chris and even Walt on one number.

Foxwood starts the second set at 6pm; the rain eases off, Walt, Danny and a member of the audience take the events tent from over us and leave it behind by tree. We launch into the fastest version of Electricity ever, and trash it! Oh well.

Foxwood are me, Bex, Sophie, Katie, Amy, Joe, Nat, Georgia with guests, Chris and Stella.

The heavens re-open. Events tent re-covers us. Here's some pictures of mud, muddy audience [with friend John D and his ukele], Bex packing away soaking. V enjoyable.

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