Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Foxwood Steel at the Hop, Waterfront Festival

Debs, I'm off again, and I've only just got home. Now it's down to to the Hop to play at the Leeds Waterfront Festival. Nice little stage. Shame about the heavy showers. All the usual tunes plus I will Always Love You with all the bass notes in place.

We are me, Bex, Amy, Stewart, Natalie, Lizzie, Gig, Katie, Vicky, Charlotte. Charlotte was stopped, or rather her sister was stopped by the Police on the way here. Don't know the back story to this. I hope it's racy.  And Charlotte was late to the gig. There's only Natalie, and Bex in Foxwood who are consistently on time for gigs.  So being late, police or not, is not really a story.

The Hop is built in the Dark Arches under the viaduct that support Leeds City Station. Between songs, or during them if you were playing a song that you knew by heart on the pans that you found yourself on, you could look up and see the different train travellers looking down.

Debs, it didn't just rain when it rained. But then it stopped. So at the back of the cute little portakabin of a stage you were dry, also not seen. Not seen: Natalie, Amy and Stewart. On the left some people come off the train, leaving their hotel, bemused by a sudden steelband.

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