Sunday, 15 July 2012

If it's Friday it must be Beechwood

Now then Debs

For gigs during the school week, I rely on a steady stream of top class pannists who are also just finished uni, Yr 11, in a gap year, gave up uni, are on maternity leave, unemployed, work part-time or who can work flexi-time. Last year, if you recall, Debs when we opend MacCauley's shop in Huddersfield, it was your lunch hour!

Unusually, at Beechwood, noone was holding a baby while playing. Quite frankly it made a nice change. If you have a baby to hold you need to be on bass or on the melody. Chords is a nightmare. And once the baby gets past 6 months it starts objecting to being passed round. As I think, Charles found at MacCauleys, and he wasn't even playing.

I digress. At Beechwood we were me, Natalie [whose school it is], Jenner, Daisy, Sophie and Ashley.  We were mostly Sparrows and one Foxwood. Beechwood teacher, Cat took some excellent pics. Here are some. [And it was one of those  lovely moments, then back to the day jobs. Natalie went on to be photographed for the YEP while playing out with Seacroft Grange].

I went on to plan for Huddersfield Carnival. We were adding Diamonds on the Soles of her shoes and Chariots of Fire for the ubiquitous theme. Then at ten I nipped down to the Wardrobe to watch Joe Mac play guitar in a band.

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