Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sparrows at Primrose Co-op - a very nice surprise

Debs, am I mad or am I a sucker for an ex-Foxwood pupil?
Marie from Primrose Co-op phoned up to ask if I could bring a band to a little giggette for their Awards ceremony. I don't know why I agreed. I said yes when I had me, Sophie, Amy, Ashley, Georgia, Natalie and Evie. In the event, I lost Evie, Nat and Gig, and gained , Varshika, Jenner, Claudia and Tim. Like the proverbial swan, paddling like . .

Finding that we are not playing, as on previous events here between awards, but at the pre-event pekora and buns bit, we realise that loud calypsoes would ruin the atmosphere so we change our repertoire to all the quiet numbers, even reviving Chasing Cars, and in that switch, Debs, we achieve the most musically satisfying gig for quite a while. And when you play, as we frequently do, for minimal expenses,  musically satisfying is a must. And here, out of nowhere, it was.

And,as for being offered food, which we are - excellent - don't take a photo while I'm eating, I could do a whole book on that etiquette. [Don't ask me what Amy, Varshika and Sophie are doing at the other end of the library

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