Monday, 9 July 2012

East Steel at St Gemma's Leeds

Well, Debs, when I agreed to take East Steel to St Gemma's for their summer fair, I didn't know that it would be the Wimbldon Men's final that day, nor that our own Andy Murray would be in it! But hey, a commitment is a commitment. I set the TV timer and asked the band not to tell me owt.

So many Leeds summer events got cancelled this weekend. Unity took a chance [and we, Foxwood took the Events Tent], and then St Gemma's did gazebos in double figures. And then the rain said, What's the point? And it didn't.

But before I start Sunday I still needed to dry off Saturday, and load from van to car. And Bex and Tricia's car!

We played set one, then, oh no, Irish dancing crisis. PA is brock. One of the dancers' parents suggests a CD player from one of the parked cars. Yes, Debs, that's my little Skoda, boot lid up on the left, Irish dancer and some stray smalls in their peformance area.

East Steel were me, Bex, Joyce, Judy, Karen, Alli, Ruth, Tricia, Cheryl, Bella, Anne and Lynn. Smalls were Michael and James. [And Bex played a mean kit.]

Nobody told me that Murray won the first set [ta]. And they were taking so long over each game that there was plenty of tennis left when I got back. Sadly not a home win, but I kinda think that the first male Brit to get to a Wimbledon single's final for decades is a respectable place to be.

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