Monday, 2 July 2012

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows Play Holary Rosary St Anne's, Chapeltown, Leeds

Well, Debs, it was local; there's a pool of about 14 Sparrows, more if you add Doves, so I told the people who lived miles away not to worry about trekking through Leeds in Friday rush hour. That was a mistake!
I had to do a pan workshop for YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic in the morning, then mind Maya, then load van, all the while wondering if Claudia had remembered, and whether Ashley would time to play and get ready for his prom. Would Emily's mum [Sharon] brave the traffic and Millie S's mum [Tricia] have correctly accepted on Millie's behalf. Would I get through student moving house day traffic before Han started panicking?

Han was indeed panicking, and trying to get Katharine on Reception to ring me when I turned up in the big white van. Han told me that he loved travelling in the van, and asked was it mine. Debs, I wish. How did I cope with driving on the left? Well, Han, I live in the UK. It comes natural; thus the questions all the way to Chapeltown.

At Holy Rosary, Ashley's reassuring figure hoves into view. Then Katie. Han changes into his new purple Sparrows' top in the back of the van. Now now we are four. I text Natalie to ask her to bring Chloe. Under a tree in the warm June afternoon sun we set up the pans; discover I've not packed the bass drum; phone Rick.

Enter Millie S [with mum and sister]; enter Emily [with mum]; enter Claudia; enter Natalie and Chloe.  By now we are full band; Rick brought the bass drum over; with double bass [ie minus Aflat and Eflat] and unfamilar guitar pans, we ruin I Will Always Love You. Whatever. We end on a high note. Metaphorically. It was a lovely laid-back gig on a lovely day.

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