Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Penguins were all in Isolation. Goodbye and hullo

Han's mum came over to the UK from China to spend a post-graduate year at Leeds Uni, bringing her child with her. She sent her lovely musical son to City of Leeds School, which is close to the university, and close to where they lived. As a part-time teacher at City of Leeds I soon discovered Han's musical talent, and opined that he needed to join the Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows.  The Maths teacher soon discovered that Han's Maths was ability was genius level. I enjoyed the fact that at his last practice Han perfected the art of blutacking steelpan beaters on top of each other. And here are the photos.

Han won't stay at our school long enough to raise our number of GCSE A-Cs, or in his case, A*s, but while he was here, we recognised his talents, challenged him appropriately and threw in the Sparrows and Music For Youth as an extra.

Then the day before we said said goodbye to Han, I bumped into Chris in the carpark at the West Park Centre. Chris is studying at Plymouth University. Before that he was at Prince Henry's School in Otley, where he did enough Music to take him to do a diploma at Leeds College of Music. From here he has written a piece of music that Leeds Symphony Orchestra is going to perform - Chris has been on tele and youtube and all that stuff. And before that  . . . Yes, reader you've got it. And I remember him very clearly as a 5 year -old. And then again a bit older.

Two days later I am at the same PRU that I first taught Chris in, looking at them all, wondering who might be drinking it all in, poised for a musical future. Sadly all the Penguins were in isolation!

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