Sunday, 31 August 2014

Foxwood Steel play Chapel Allerton

 So Debs, What's the best moment of any gig? Being part of it when it's all going right, when everyone is concentrating on their part and feeling the power of music surrounding you?
Tim stands on bricks to look taller. Why!
That's not bad, but if it's followed up by eating curry and taking selfies and debriefing in a sort of Let's have a Coke type of way, it's even better.
Two of our number appeared to have been partying till past the early hours, but still dragged what was left of themselves onto the stage at Chapel Allerton Festival. Hey, that rock and roll for you!
Bex and Vicky found a book of signs; I thought of some good ones, but they'd be unprintable; got told off by Bex for language!
Daisy's stick broke in the middle of a song. [And photographer/random friend who agrees to use my camera] caught the moment. Below is Daisy and Sophie looking really really shocked! Come on girls, it's only a stick.
Daisy breaks a stick

Next caught on camera is the bit in Lay All Your Love where we all play each other's Cs - and then lose our place in the music! It takes you by surprise first time, and second time, and . . .
Listening to the band in Regent Street
We were me [Victoria], Bex, Gig, Amy. Tim, Natalie, Sophie, Varshika, Vicky, Holly, Charlotte, Daisy with guest Sparrow: Ashley. We were introduced as having been entertaining people of Leeds for some time now - felt we had finally come home. Natalie got Tim to do most of the drumming. Can't tell if he was demoted off the guitar pans, or promoted onto the kit [think it was the former!]
Anyway playing or "debriefing", it was a great day, and a great way to end our summer season. Thanks Chapel Allerton, and James for putting back on this lovely stage after a decade off it. See you all again in 2024! Eek!
Playing each other's Cs in Lay All Your Love and so far the only photo of the drummer with band!
 Vicky Shaw's photo.


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