Monday, 15 September 2014

East Plays Middelton Park, Leeds,September 2014

This time I forgot the cymbals so Bart [and Bex, at first] played on a cowbell instead of a hi-hat. Bart wasn't so sure; we're all too used to improvising. At Mirfield, Tim placed the snare on an upturned drum stool; once, in Morley Town Centre, John kicked the bass drum instead of pressing on the pedal.
Anyway, it's our first gig of the autumn term, and what a lovely still day. We play by the lake, and Tingley Brass Band is on the bandstand. it's a mixed blessing as the brass band gets the shelter and the acoustics and we get a constantly passing audience. And we are next door to the vegetarian Asian food stall. Yummy. [That's dinner sorted].
This is Middleton produce Show. There's a sheepdog rounding up geese, a birds of prey display, zumba, home made jam and buns. [That's dessert sorted], flowers [that's the garden sorted]. It's lovely, well-organised day. We love playing this one.
There's some great games for the kids. See kids - big and small.
We were me, Bex, Vicky, Lynn, Anne, Trisha, Andy [who arrives in some style. see pic above], Kirsty, Sophie, Bart and Wanda.
Later on I lit the fire and put all music back into folders.
Next: Harehills and Beeston in two weeks time.

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