Sunday, 24 August 2014

Foxwood Steel play Majestic Hotel Harrogate

 So we re-arranged a few pans in the Transit and headed up the Harrogate Road for the vintage car-owners' dinner.
In the Majestic carpark there were Morgans galore [the car, not my son]. We set up in the alcove of the bar. This turned out to have a bizarre amplifying effect on the pans and kit that were actually within the alcove and its low ceiling.

We were me, Katie, Fehmina, Bex, Tim, Daisy, Sophie, Vicky, Charlotte with Holly guesting.
We wrote a setlish and put it on an easel and, as we neared the end of our set we asked Jan and the guests to choose which tunes they wanted. We have also slightly rearranged our version of Mozart Symphony Number 40 which threw some of our number into disarray! But it will work.
In aforementioned alcove we struggled to get the dynamics right for a while, but I guess we just being perfectionists, and we went down fine.
Went home, unloaded in the dark then went down the Brudenell for a "debrief" ie a pint.

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