Sunday, 31 August 2014

Foxwood Steel help Joe and Ben get Older

We had talked about a camping trip just like the old Market Rasen days, when here's one bobs up out of the blue. Joe is reaching one of those milestones this year, which is bad enough for him, but as he in effect my son-in-law, makes it hard for me to try to pull off being 39 anymore! Only joking, that one went years past. And it's Ben's actual birthday today!

I gave Joe a tub of firewood and Ben, stationary. They are camping at Hunters Greave. It's in Leeds, but you wouldn't know it. We take tents and a set of steel pans. We are me, Stewart, Daisy, Fehmina, Bex, Vicky, Natalie, Katie and Sophie. After dark we can't see a thing, so the repertoire gets a whole lot older in the second set.
Nobody knows where the flash is on my camera, so who knows if all players are in the photos? I don't think they care.
We play under trees by the campfire. It doesn't rain.
box of wine, camera, ready to party!

Most of the band have to go home - families, marriages, "I'm not camping in this weather!" various reasons. They load the van; I guard the wine. Stewart and I properly party and spend most of Sunday on our respective sofas. Not done that in a while, and not gonna do again for a while.
In the morning did the rounds of the tents saying goodbye, and then when Alice needed a plaster George [friend of theirs and our ex-lodger of years back] suddenly whipped out a first aid box. This was too good not to photograph. So I did.
George and the first aid box

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