Thursday, 14 August 2014

South Steel play Black Bull August 2014

Now Debs, it's your turn for a gig and it's Hurricane Bertha! So you'll be inside then.

After a whirlwind trip to get your old cellos etc tuned with Grafton, here you are now at the Black Bull Birstall. First there's a beginners' class, which I can tell goes down a storm [sorry, shouldn't haven't mentioned the storm!] cos of the two tunes they present after.

Then you have your South Steel set. You are Charlotte, Caroline, Neil, Holly, Sarah and you. You haven't got a drummer on this occasion, but given that Bertha had beaten you inside, and it's a small room, that's probably no bad thing.

Bex, Vicky and I drive over from Leeds and, with two of the beginners, become your percussion section on wood blocks, shakers, cowbells and tables, even tea-cups [yes I am drinking tea in a pub].

Below-left, for when tea is just not the right tipple, is your answer to, "Hey what does a gal do to get a drink round here?"

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