Sunday, 3 August 2014

Camping in Bardsey - with Electric hook-up!

cooking the vegetable stew with improvised pan lids
the Big Tent brought out of retirement
practising for Commonwealth Games
Went camping in Bardsey, which is 14 miles away from home. Far enough away to switch off. Took Maya, Jordan, Georgia. Had a walk around Wetherby [nice flowers],
Campsite was lovely. peaceful. Clean. Well laid out. Nice low down night lights. Amazing toilet and laundry facilities. Some campervan envy with amazing vehicle opposite our tent.
Danny visited. Bex, Michael and James visited. Rick brought Georgia and with so much extra stuff that he had to come back in the van when we decamped.
Nothing much happened. I reread Turgenev's Spring Torrents [still not a patch on Fathers and Sons]. The kids practised for their Commonwealth Games - high jump over a headscarf [Michael just ran at it, didn't bother with the jump part of it], same scarf for the three-legged race [which James and Michael had to abandon!] Came home rested and ready for Unity Day.

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