Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mekons play Brudenell Social

Well, I was expecting to meet old, and I mean old friends, and to enjoy the gig, but not to love absolutely every single song, as I absolutely did. Mekons and guests were John, Sally, Eric, Lou, Suzy, Robbie, and guesting vocals on two tunes: local lad, Kevin.

Daisy and I danced, shed some tears of memory, and then afterwards someone gave Eric a case of beers which we all drank. Yummy.
Roundabout this time, Eric said, go and speak Russian with Lou. He speaks Russian. And so he did. Rather better than me. But he seemed happy enough/resigned to go along with it.
Since you asked, we were: me, daughters: Daisy and Georgia, Michael, Tim and Joe.

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