Saturday, 30 August 2014

Foxwood Steel not Exactly at Leeds Carnival

 Now then Debs, this is us popping up for the second year running at Leeds Carnival. As you can see it was raining, so we brought our matching industrial size gazebo with us - just in case anyone thought we were light-weights only carting old oil-drums around!
We were me, Bex, Gig, Sarah, Fehmina, Vicky with guest Sparrow, Ash, and two very surprised to be playing Steel Rising: Kirsty and Wanda. Charlotte and Holly appeared eventually - some rugby celebration or other first! And Byron also only came to watch - one and a half hours later!
 We were in Savile Park. Our audience was people walking up to Potternewton Park, pausing to gig about a bit, then on to see the parade start. Then people gathered under the shelter of the trees on Chapeltown Road. A bit too wet to stand near for long, but from this lovely performance area you could hear us for quite a distance. Edward Charles filmed us doing Three Little Birds. Thanks, a nice record:
A film crew turned up, doing the official Carnival video, liked Abba but asked if we could play something more traditionally Carnival. We gave them We Nah Goin' Home. Hope it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor! Even if we aren't properly invited anymore, it's good to play a carnival art and be part of the day.
One downside was the handprints that we put on the guitar pans during Mandela Week for Barnadoes at the West Indian Centre - well they came off over Charlotte's coat. Soz. And the pans near the sides filled up with water from tune to time. Oh well, all part of a rainy Carnival!
And then we had gone

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