Monday, 25 August 2014

Leeds Pan Central play Chapeltown Nursery August 2014

From Foxwood Steel we were me, Daisy, Natalie, Sophie; from East Steel - Wanda and Kirsty; from Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows -Ash and Claudia; and from Suzuki cello Society five years ago a somewhat surprised Pippa.
For our gig outside Leeds Arena I had made a little booklet called "Top Tunes for Outside the Arena". We played our way through this alphabetically, missing out the ones that neither me, Natalie or Ash could play the tune for.
Then we went back and had a go a go at them all. What a hoot!

band with tea urn and Swiss roll 
Rain was constantly imminent, so Chapeltown Nursery brought in the event from off the field and back into the lovely secure garden, with equally lovely stage.

But loveliest of all: we were greeted with an urn of tea, 9 mugs and Swiss roll - fuel for good playing, I'd say! We rocked our way through the next nearly two hours while the Littlies paraded. And got a lovely thank you card. That's the way to do it!

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