Thursday, 7 August 2014

Charlotte gets to be a lot older, and I called in at Leeds Pride

Well Debs, you were here for this one. Charlotte suddenly got a lot older, and we realised that I had known her longest of all present. Not an unpleasant feeling.
It was meant to be another pub but they got funny about balloons, so Holly switched the venue to the Crooked Clock on Hunslet Road. Bridget stalled Charlotte while Holly, you and the team did decorations. Then B and C taxied over and everybody hugged everybody a lot.
Your cousin made a steelpan cake, and you made me decorate it with these special pens. Kept me out of trouble, I guess.
One friend went to the other pub and left Charlotte's present behind the bar there. I gave the old gal a box of plants, jar of blackcurrant jam [homemade of course!], and an organic beetroot. See above.
One minute Bex was kissing Charlotte, next it was daggers drawn [not really, just posing!].

Earlier I called in at Leeds Pride, Lower Briggate and got squeezed a lot by Katie and Vic.

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