Saturday, 2 August 2014

Leeds Pan Central play Leeds Children's Day

Well Debs,
Saturday night I got back from Sidmouth/Exeter at 9pm plus, nipped up [via Rick the taxi and bearer of tinnies], to where the older Sparrows aka Doves had strutted their stuff at one Sparrow's dad's birthday party. Well, I met friends from 30 years ago. What a blast. Had another drink. I gather that Dove Sparrows had done well, was proud to tell my old chums that I had played my part in their wonderfulness. Very proud. Have another drink.
The adrenalin that had served me so well Leeds-London-Sidmouth-wedding-taxi back to station-train to Leeds-Chill's party-old friends, suddenly deserts me and I sleep well, not just well, but in and over! Wake up at 10.15, porridge at 10.22, Vicky here at 10.30, at Chill's at 10.45 to collect pans, at Headingley Stadium at 11 - just!
We are me, Bex, Vicky, Fehmina, Claudia, Wanda, Andy, Sophie and Natalie. We played from 11.30 to 12.30. managed to include a few new tunes, well not new, but not recent staples for the Grand Depart. Nice to see that sport involved so much music, but I gotta sleep sometime.

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