Thursday, 27 March 2014

Foxwood Steel plays Leeds NUT rally

It's the day of the strike. Nat's got a cold; Bart doesn't know whether his school is out or not till he gets there. Eek and double eek.
 In the end we have a massive percussion section including Jim on congas [and he had only called to buy a set of Foxwood Songsheets from me], Bart on djembe and Natalie herself on kit, and with cold. Plus three Smalls on tambourines. Superb.
Also we were me, Bex, Georgia, Fehmina and Charlotte, and guests: Chloe Sparrow and Wanda East-Steel. I like to think that Wanda changed union to play with us at the rallies. Just leave me in that thought.
We were small but perfectly formed.  At the bottom of the side steps of Leeds Museum, formerly the Civic Theatre, we were playing on stone with large stone walls behind collecting the sound and shuttling it off down Cookridge Street, and across Millennium Square. The weather was very dry sunny and even warmish.
Then Bart and Jim and Bex went back to work, Fehmina went on to work, Chloe went back to college, Gig took her Smalls away, Natalie went off to nurse the cold, I retrieved and reparked the van; Charlotte and Wanda and I packed it, then Wanda and I went to the end of the speeches .

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