Thursday, 13 March 2014

Leeds Silver Sparrows Play Music For Youth Regional Festival at Garforth


Well, the music is rewritten and photocopied. Rick and Jason carry the in-tune guitar pans from the pan-room; Jeanette has agreed to stand in on them for the tune when Ashley takes the kit.

And Debs, no-one was late for the train to Garforth! Ah the good old days when Jamillah [teenage player] and Joe [member of staff] missed the train to London for the Albert Hall gig. Or when Yasmin missed the train to to London for the Festival of Britain [and missed that altogether!] [And I had been to Yasmin's parents the night before to explain and emphasise that they must get her up on time!].

Sparrows were Chloe, Millies S and C, Ash, Peter, Claudia, Ciara, G2, George, with Jeanette guesting on the Flood. Tunes were I Could Have Danced All Night, our very own Millie S's Spirit of Trinidad, The Flood, Under the Sea [arr by our very own Peter].

Staff and parents were me [mostly sitting down], Bex, Gig, Bart, Vicky, Trish, Wendy, Bernard, Sarah, Jill. [And obviously this would not have been possible without Bex, Bart and Gig [and sometimes Mikey and Maya!] stepping up while I languished at home with the old cabin fever.]

They played their socks off, reduced a few of us to tears with the Flood and Under the Sea [with apologies to Somerset!], and then we watched a great selection of rock and classical stuff, with colleague, Alex Cairns's wonderful Garforth rock band, and then this incredible snare drum ensemble.

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