Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Activist by day, immersed in Foxwood Nostalgia by Night

So Debs

The next Foxwood gig is for the NUT strike on Wednesday. And Saturday lunchtime found me very very uncomfortably standing in Briggate trying to offer passers-by leaflets re said strike.
Eventually I begged to get the teas and coffees, which led me to stand in a queue in a cafe. Can't decide which is less favourite activity: pushing leaflets onto passers-by or queueing in a shop.

Anyway Debs,
Christine, Patrick, Richard, Nerinder, Kathleen and others were coping with lesser or greater degrees of enthusiasm for this task. Colleague, Cathy and son bobbed by and signed the petition.
As I left a group of Morris dancers was attracting a bigger audience in Dortmund Square.
I retired to the sofa for rubbish detectives on tele, and braced myself for that Foxwood School reunion at the Orchard in Dib Lane. Organised by ex-student Sammi H [nee B].

Well, it was ace. Lots of them there were ex-Foxwood Steel players; Julie had kept a Def Leppard memento that I had given her in mid-80s; I guessed loads of names, some with initials help.
Above all I met a set of amusing, lovable, kindly and well-rounded human beings, who, I felt were a credit to those of us who spent a large part of our working lives at this most wonderful of schools. Wonderful, and of course under-rated.
I was transported back to those "good old days".
There was' as well, Nicola, Hazel, Sammi C, Mark, Darren and more. I collected lots of email addresses. I had three pints and something clear and interesting in a small glass which Mark L bought. And I felt fine. Bit floppy the next day.

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