Monday, 10 March 2014

Sparrows play GMB Equality Conference at Leeds Marriott

Well Debs, when the surgeon and I were fixing the date for my little sojourn at Jimmy's, I mentioned Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake [which keeps coming up as Ryan Lake on my mobile!] in London, and he said, "Yes that's fine, we'll do it the week after that."

"Oops," he then said, "I'd better check that I have a slot available that day. Ah yes", he looked at his computer diary, 'That's fine".

"Hang on'" replied our intrepid heroine [ie me], "Let me just check that I am free that day too." Fortunately Mr C had a fine sense of humour. And that was me four and half weeks ago, in the aforementioned fetching nightgown, and this is now: Leeds Marriott Hotel.

My first gig since. Ah, so good.

Sparrows wobbled a bit on first few numbers, then settled into a lovely connection with a lovely audience. But in the end, it was Maya who stole the show, and the union president who stole Maya.

Thanks to Laura at the GMB for finding and inviting us, and thanks also to the speaker who asked for the encore, and who was so complimentary at the end, observing what we are known for and proud of: that our players come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities [and also, actually life experiences]. And there are people in there who have played for years, confidently bouncing around and improvising [stop it, Peter!], and two slightly nervous players, for whom it was their first gig. What they all have in common is their talent and their potential.

Players were Georgia G2, Chloe, Peter, Millie S, Ashley S, Ashley H [to be known as Ash from now on], Stephen, and staff and carers were me, Gig, Bex, Bart, Vicky, Mark and Sarah.

We were playing for the GMB euality conference - steelbands, equal ops and unions - that ticks three of my buttons! And Leeds city centre - that's four.

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