Monday, 10 March 2014

York Conference for Music for those with Additional Needs

Well Debs

Fresh from walking down to the Brudenell on Thursday, I decide to try my luck going to sit at a stall at the York Conference. But first I will share with you my abhorrence of the term Special Needs, or Special Educational Needs, which it has been my working life experience since I joined the Leeds Music Service in 1996. [Before that they were just "Foxwood kids"!]

I think that it is both patronising and inaccurate, and have been trying to use the term Additional Needs for a number of years now, since I fixed on it for myself as the best description going. Sort of neutral, factual. End of very minor rant.

Sue S picked me up and we headed for the Ron Cooke Hub at out of town York Uni. Diane [and Maggie] was/were already there and had set up the YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic Stall, which was already brightly in place, and attracting customers. I sat on the stall and attended two talks [loved Phil Mullen's on Hard to Reach children - my favourite type of child, and adult!] from 11am till 3pm, until Sue took me back, and to my door.

Hullo sofa. I'm yours for the evening.

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