Monday, 10 March 2014

Foxwood one EastSteelette and an Unexpected Sparrow play Fair Trade event at Leeds Civic Hall

Now then Debs,

 Five weeks post-op and it's three gigs inaweek!

But this one is for Fair Trade, and that is a cause that I'm up for. We have done this gig a couple of times before, hanging out on Briggate with people in banana outfits. Back in the days when taking kids out of school was an educational experience worth giving them

And, do you know Debs, it's not about the recycling of those 12 songs; it's the parking, the loading of pans, from school to van, from one van into another, from van into my hall, back out, carparks, lifts, stairs, locked doors, turnstiles [pans over them] stages, clearing the stage while the Lord Mayor or guest VIP is speaking [bottoms up! See below].

Then it's paperwork, songsheets, permission letters, phone calls about loading entrances, receptionists, parking, and, if you're playing in Leeds centre you definitely can't be the band leader and a driver. Being a wheelchair-user, Bart is able to park just anywhere, and also we can stack several stands on his knees at one time. Who know which will give out first: His knees or his wheelchair!

I had wanted to bring a primary school steelband to the Civic, but just not possible from the old sick-bed, well not legal either, now you mention it. So, an email out to any Foxwood or East Steel on lunchtime, or available any old how [no questions asked]. Anyway, a good cause and we have me, Vicky, Wanda, Chloe [an unexpected Sparrow], Gig, Fehmina, Bart and Danielle.

 . . . . which is when we discover that the double guitars that we have ready for Music For Youth are out of tune! Next!

I love Leeds Civic Hall. It reeks of history, display cases stuck in time - I hope they never modernise them, rich carpets red and gold things, balconies, huge, huge high ceilings, delightfully wasteful of space and heat [but keeping body smells at bay, as new-build school occupants will tell you!]. The names of the great and the possibly good from Leeds Days gone past. Huge sweeping stairs.

And, yes, nice set. Thanks to Bankside headteacher for suggesting a steelband and to Hannah for asking us. [Thanks to Trish for saying she would if we really needed her, but as it happens we were nearly in double figures!]

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