Sunday, 9 March 2014

Danielle's Going to Dublin!

Well Debs, what have you started!

First you're in Dubai; now Danielle is off to Dublin. However Danielle is going to come to and fro and still make the Foxwood gigs. Phew! Any chance you could move nearer? [What do you mean: it's cold, and Michael Gove is still on the throne!].

We send her off, as is standard, in the Brudenell. There was me, Danielle herself, Vicky, Bex, Bart and Gig. The barman took pics and I took some shots of her wonderful tattoo now that it has settled down. Here it is newly printed and now.

Last pic is me and the flowers the Sparrows sent me, sitting on the sofa that has been my perch for four weeks now!.

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