Sunday, 23 March 2014

Foxwood Steel play Oakwood Farmers' Market at Oakwood Clock

Now then Debs

Here's a favourite gig:

As a NotSoSmall, I stood at Oakwood Clock most week days for five years and then took the 3 [which is now bizarrely called the 21]  and then either the 1 or the 56 [now still called the 1 and the 56] into town and out to Leeds Girls; after which, for two years I took whatever in the opposite direction to Allerton Grange.

So when Ian first asked would Foxwood like to pay Oakwood Farmers' Market history started tumbling about, and I thought we might.
We were treated like royalty, and now we play it every anniversary, and then I still remember myself in my stupid green uniform standing lonely there, but excited for my trek across town. Not feeling sad about this, but warm. Green had used to be my favourite colour. Sometimes met people "by the Clock", and hang out.

On Saturday 15 March 2014, out of 21 possible Foxwood players we were nine! You and Danielle are now in D and D. All four drummers are either at work or in Liverpool;  but hey, thank you Sparrows' drummers, Ash and George for stepping in. We were great. The whole idea that is Foxwood, Sparrows and East Steel yet again works as players step in to support the other bands.

We were me, Bex, Gig, Amy, Sarah, Charlotte, Daisy, Vicky, Sophie, plus drummers Ash and George [who also played pans and cahon]. Guesting with us were Sophie and Josie from the Allerton Grangettes, and a rather surprised lady from a steelband in Cumbria. Also Ianto on djembe, and Theo who had only bobbed in to buy some pan sticks so he could go off to Briggate busking.

It was a fight but we managed to establish Jar of Hearts and Under the Sea  as regular Foxsongs, with Bridge Over troubled Water as almost a perennial. Talking of which, bought some nice plants from the flower stall as well.
Here, sitting in his pram is yet another steelband orphan, Daniel, Sarah's Small. There's a red shirt and some minipans waiting for when he can provide us with proper cute factor. Is that child-exploitation?

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