Monday, 19 August 2013

Two visits to the Civic Hall in one Day!

Debs, I had Monday off, in which to prepare for two very different visits to Leeds Civic Hall. Thankfully, Diane was on form on both occasions, as my energy levels were well fading!

In the morning we had brief brush with a travesty of justice [to be documented more fully in my Leeds local blog]. In the afternoon we met a group of Korean post-grad music/teaching students who were on a fact-finding tour of some European countries, and who were investigating music provision for people with additional [Special] needs.

Ironically, it was the very blog describing the unexpected and deplorable closure of the West Park Centre that caught the Korean students' internet eyes. I explained that they wouldn't be able to see all the things we described in the blog that YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic did/do, but by now they had also bought our book, and were anxious that the writers should sign it. And this here we are in the beautiful Tiled Cafe in Leeds Art Gallery having our photographs taken by Sangah Seouk and her pals.

After the unexpected book-signing, we went to the Leeds Civic Hall where wheel-chair-user, David and his dad kindly came in the help us demonstrate some of our hi tech equipment, including switches and sound-beam [which David plays in quite an advanced way]. Then some low-tech equipment, including lycra and puppets.

From YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic we were me, Diane and Joanna. PIcs were from the Korean students [names and more pics to follow].

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