Monday, 12 August 2013

John has a barbecue

On Saturday evening me and Lola took the pans down to Blayd's for tomorrow's gigette at Leeds Pride. There we met Natalie and Katie and pals, and in a trice the pans were stacked on the top floor of club. Eek.

After that Lola and I went home, had dinner, and then put on our glad rags and went round to John D's birthday barbecue party.

En route I invited Tim to come out with us, then forgot that I had, and, cutting a long story, met up with Tim and some beers back home. Me, Time and Lola had a mini party chez moi in my study; then Lola went to bed; then Tim and I tore ourselves away from watching Sparrows and Doves at the Festival of Britain Anniversary 2011, and went round for John D's barbecue Round Two. [And Rick, Sam and Gig babysat].

John seemed quite unphased that Tim wasn't Lola, and continued to shower Foxwood Steel with compliments. I was in a mood to listen to that kind of talk!
We left before John D and double bass fell backwards into the basement garden.

Apropos of nothing here's JJ on my new rug.

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