Friday, 9 August 2013

Foxwood Steel Play Rosebank Millennium Green

Well Debs, there was a point when I thought it would be me, Bex and Luke from The Millennium Green project, but as it turned out it was me, Bex, Tim, Amy, Varshika, Sophie, Sarah, with baby Daniel and Lola in attendance. And Luke played a rather nice little djembe.

And we gave Kanon its first public airing, at which point Tim discovered that he loved bass.

I love playing local.  Watching Leeds build itself a big new shopping centre, and a big new arena [Leeds Arena] makes me want to play really local. I love playing music for the little people who don't shop downtown and who can't afford Elton or Springsteen.

The Foxwood players who played the Rosebank have also won a UK national ward and played the Royal Albert Hall. And, of course, the recognition is nice, but it is not all.

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