Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mig gets a Year Older, and I laugh too much

All systems go as the family prepares to eat food cooked outside and drink tea and booze in honour of Mig getting older.

Firstly someone has to stop my mother taking her cat to the vet in a cardboard box on the bus. Sadly Badger was all too swiftly diagnosed with cancer and did not survive the visit. As Badger was Clippy's son we are all a bit sad, but Penny still decides to sit in our garden and eat cake in Mig's honour.

It's mega pool night. The kids' table is set up in the kitchen, the back room is cleared for action. Then Morgan and I show everyone what competition is really about! I laugh and laugh when he finally puts black and white down together on the deciding decider.

And dear reader, I have moved pans, tidied up house and garden and laughed so hard that I wake up in agony the following day with a pulled muscle. The doc says it will be 6 to 7 days recovery. The ibuprofen make me feel so nauseous that I can't drink, don't drink, therefore don't sleep, so by Wednesday and Thursday I am in pain, nauseous, sleep deprived and now feverish.

Now that's what I call a hangover!

But there's a notice in Rhiannon' s house that I can't fully subscribe to this week!


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