Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Foxwood play Natalie and Kirsty's wedding

Well Debs, my house has been full of even more steelpans since November, and for the last two weeks, my kitchen has been a regular rehearsal space for Kanon, originally arranged for us by Xanthe for Bex's and Anthony's wedding. Way back on Morgan's sixteenth birthday.

And now the day has come. And what a busy day it is! Shawcross Printers [from Ossett] turned round a massive Foxwood Steel hoody/shirt order for us in two days, which Sarah managed to collect en route for the wedding [and with baby Daniel in tow]. We had babies to be baby-minded, outfits to iron, pans to pack, sticks to pack, music to laminate, everything to double-check.

Kanon - this was a big moment, it had to be right, we had to have the right stuff; well, we did, we had to be there on time [Sarah and Stewart had an interesting detour, thanks to Satnav malfunction, somewhere near York. Phew, that was a close shave!]; we needed the right space - we were arranged interestingly around an 18th century grand piano. Sophie, Vicky and Katie spent the entire ceremony staring at the bare bottom of a marble statue.

And, in the end, Kanon was great; Mendelssohn's Wedding March was played with great spirit, but rather less accuracy [hmmm]; the brides looked amazing; Went to the blue van; the white van's key didn't open it; after a while Sophie realised that she had the right van key.

At the New Roscoe we play two sets; Natalie and niece, Chloe, play a guest slot; I make Austin [ex-Nicky] guest on Give me Hope, then Bex and I head back to my house to transfer the pans [with Rick's help], into the van for Manchester Carnival. Shame to leave the party early, but Manchester is only hours away.

We were Lizzie, Amy, Varshika, Vicky, Bex, Tim, Daisy, Georgia, Katie, Sophie, Stewart, Danielle, and me and you.

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