Monday, 26 August 2013

Foxwood Steel play Manchester Carnival

Rick, Tim and I jump into the white van and hit Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Just found out in time that we are in Cross Platts Park, and not Alexandra.

 This park is overlooked by the church that Diane's daughter got married in see below behind Charles]. And, although the organisers don't like it as much as Alexandra, we do. Parking etc v well organised and safe. Rick leaves me the van and heads back to Leeds on the train.

Time to roll out the new red gazebo. The guys with the speakers at next marquee, and also Mike Events suggest we move away from them, and help us move. Not been here half an hour and made felt welcome. We take our time setting up, then wait for the train passengers to arrive. Sadly only Vicky from Steel Rising can make it after all, but hey look:  here are Gary, Charlotte and Debs (G and C making Manchester debut), all dedicated melody-players.

Bex and me in heaven. We exchange a soprano for the other double guitars.

Also we are Georgia, Amy, Sophie, Sheeks.

Today we have brought all the new T shirts and hoodies and, Sheeks, those trousers. Sophie asks if this means they have graduated. I feel they graduated years ago, but actually , it's the ceremony. We all [nearly all, soz, Debs] match now. And we must thank Shawcross Printers from Ossett for turning our order round so quickly!

Actually Debs is still wearing her first Anna-Marie design. This must be fashionable retro.

It started raining so I bought an umbrella. It stopped raining. Completely successful purchase!

This is famous actor/ress country. We were danced to by folks from Corrie and Shameless. Too exciting.

After the wedding some of us so tired they snuggle down under the basses, and also it seems on the escalator at station. Heavens! At least we don't have a gig booked tomorrow. "Well," said Charlotte . . . . . .

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