Thursday, 15 August 2013

Finally Foxwood Steel plays Leeds Pride

Well Debs, I never really I would get the chance, but I did think about how much I would like to play Leeds Pride.

Years ago, when I was in charge of Personal and Social Education at the late, great Foxwood School, there was no controversial issue that I wouldn't take on, and ask my team to take on.

And, obviously we did homophobia, and believe me, this was controversial. One teacher suggested that I shouldn't tackle this one head-on, but maybe wait until the issue arose naturally.

Then Margaret Thatcher appeared in our lives with the infamous Section 28: teachers should not "promote homosexuality".  I won't debate this one fully now, but I can assure you that where once I would include this prejudice as one amongst several heinous others, I now would promoted it as vigorously as I could.

I even asked the Head of Year to put all the known gay students into my tutor group so that I could look after them properly.

Debs, I digress. Not only did we get asked to play Blayd's; we got asked to play mainstage backing one of the big acts, who was doing a carnival theme tune [which we couldn't do because we were on at Blayd's at that time].

Whatever, it was great. We were me, Bex, Natalie, Tim, Amy, Sophie, Daisy, Georgia, Fehmina, Katie and Lizzie.

Later I asked Noel and Ian why YMCA bombed. Too old hat, apparently. Oh well, can't win them all.

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