Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Camping at Hunters' Greave and practising Kanon

camp fire
kids splashing
Well, Debs, you don't need to go to Sussex, 200 miles away when there is a campsite in Kirkstall.

Yes, after the Kanon rehearsal chez moi, it's down the local camp site for me, sit round the camp fire, drink some wine [understatement], and get to know some more of my extended family. 
the morning after

The weather was warm alternating between heavy downpours and balmy sunshine.

Kanon rehearsals were originally at 7.30 but because you can't park outside outside my house until after 8pm with contributing heavily to Council revenues [only one parking permit per household, so okay for duos, but not so good for quintets], we changed it to 8 till 9.
Kanon in the Kitchen

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