Friday, 11 August 2017

Sparrows at Meanwood Festival 29 June 2017

Gordon, from the Meanwood Festival found us somehow. I was so pleased as our new YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic office is located at the Meanwood Community Centre and we generally would like to be more involved in Meanwood.

 It rained; we have gazebos; it was half term; we have a great turn-out.

Sparrows were Alice, Annie, Bella, Chloe, Claudia, Georgia E, GeorgiaW,  Isha, MillieC, Owen, Older Sparrows [aka Doves] were Sophie and Sheeks, support was Vicky. Leaders: me and Bex. Drummer: Bex

As the van was temporarily dead Vicky and I resorted to extreme car transport. Se  pic below of overloaded Fabia doing one of the trips.

Bassa Bassa were on the adjacent stage. See pictures below.

Bassa Bassa

Overloaded work-horse of a car!

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