Friday, 11 August 2017

Percussion Workshop for YAM 26 May 2017

Once a year Mavis gets me in to the wonderful Friday experience that is YAM at West Park Church, Spen Lane. Until the West Park Centre was so cruelly closed four years ago this lifeline activity took place there. Luckily Mavis was able to secure a venue very close to the centre so that these vulnerable adults were able to get the next best and closest thing. Disorientated workshoppers were easily rescued from wandering round the old closed building that had looked after us all for so long. This building with its history, its memories and its amazing unpretentious facilities . . . but I digress.

Today I am pairing up with Joanna. Always good to work with a partner; always good to work with Joanna. We decide to group our instruments into five section : pans, tamboo bamboo, djembes, dancing with ribbons and glocks. And everytime we change tune everyone changes section.  Well, not everyone! Lol!

We did three or four two chord songs. It was exhausting and thoroughly enjoyable.Here are a few pictures

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