Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows and Foxwood Steel rock Collingham Cricket Club

Richard asked, would we like to play for a cricket match between Collingham and a group of ex-professional West Indian cricketers. Well Richie Benau, Viv Richards, Brian Lara all sprung into my mind from the golden days and when my dad was an amateur umpire and we would spend weekends at Leamington Spa sprawled out on the grass beside matches. So I said yes.
Wasn't sure how many Sparrows we'd have so asked if any Foxwood were up for it, and also asked Wanda and Kirsty [from East Steel/Steel Rising] to guest, and, in the end, the Sparrows had all finished answering all the A, AS and GCSE questions in the world, and we had a sizeable presence at the side of the pitch, wondering how we were to avoid sixes destroying C sharp and the rest.
Well it was great; the weather was great; we were great. "Under the Sea" was amazing, "The Flood" sank, but you can't win them all. We were Millie S, Millie C, Claudia, Peter, Chloe, George, Georgia [G2], Naomi, Natalie, Amy, Fehmina, Vicky, Bex, Bart, Tim, Bex and me. And this guy, De Freitas joined us for a bit, but Amy gave him a hard time.
The photographer asked could the celebrity cricketer play the pan, and Amy said no. [Thank you, Amy for this correct response]. And the cricketer didn't want to anyway.

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