Sunday, 29 June 2014

If it's the third Saturday in June it must be Otley Carnival, St Chad's and Bankside's Summers Fairs

Debs, when are you coming back, you know you like this sort of thing!
Two Thursdays back I lent Bankside a single bass and single guitar to ease up on the carting around of heavy metal on the day of the fair itself. Then this Thursday I did an extra practice with them to fine-tune them for their summer fair. Gave them four easy two chord, eight bar tunes, in three separate keys [Merrily, Skip to My Lou, London Bridge and Largo in F]. Aleesha was also playing them on her guitar. I have every confidence in Mel D and Mr G.
On Friday I took basses and guitar pans and stands, banner, sticks and music and got Chloe's dad to put them in his garage, ready for the older Sparrows to trundle them across to St Chad's. I have every confidence in Peter, Millie, Millie, George and Chloe.
On Friday we then did Holy Rosary and Weetwood, and on Saturday, Foxwood and East Steel set our thoughts to the float of Otley Carnival. We were me, Bex, Daisy, Natalie, Georgia, Tim, Vicky, Katie, Amy, Sophie, Fehmina, Ash, Wendy, Jeanette, Lynn, Andy [his float debut in his home town], Anne, Wanda and Kirsty.

Weather was great. Tunes were great. First float since my op; took a stool, and needed it! Bex and team set up without me. That was hard for me to handle.
At the end I looked over to another float, and saw Mickey Mouse sweeping up. Surreal or what! [See below]
Meantime the older Sparrows [Doves, I guess] were wowing St Chad's. I took this pic just before they trod the boards. See also garage.

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