Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play Breeze on Briggate July 2014

Well Debs, it's always risky doing a gig in the school holidays, even if it's the first day of the hols, so the Sparrows are down in numbers. Good news: the Sparrows supported Foxwood recently to the tune of being more Sparrows than Foxes. And between our three bands [Foxwood, East Steel, Sparrows] we have a common repertoire of over 25 tunes, so sight-reading will be minimal. Or, as Spirit of Trinidad turned out, on the brink of disastrous!
But Debs, I am ruthless; we push new tunes into the repertoire until all players cave in and accept. Thus Bridge Over Troubled Water and Redemption Song are just about staples.
But I digress. The heatwave is occasioning rain; and it rains in the morning, then slightly less in the afternoon. We have Singing in the Rain in reserve; we don't need to use it, and we bring out the sun.
We are Sparrows: Claudia, Millie S, Peter, Ash, Naomi, Foxwood: Bex, Varshika, Vicky, Gig, Fehmina, Sophie, teachers: Me, Bex, Gig and Bart.

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